Choosing A Realtor 101

Look for the following qualities in a good realtor:

Choose a Realtor who will give you personal service from the beginning to the end of the buying or selling process! Your home is your most prized possession, do not let it get lost in a “See of Listings.”

Make sure you choose a Realtor who has plenty of experience in the selling process. Most consumers choose a Realtor because they feel they lack the experience, because it is a emotional time for them, and need a third party interest to care for their needs.

Beyond structure, consumers want someone with knowledge and insights of neighbourhoods and surrounding areas. Consumers tend to choose a Realtor who knows about the town or city they are interested in.

Consumers want to know that what they are buying or selling is priced properly. A Realtor who has good market knowledge and is diligent in his/her work will be able to correctly offer the proper price. Remember when listing your home, you don't necessarily want to give your listing to the sales representative that is offering to list it for the highest price.

Consumers feel this is the most frequently missed attribute in the process of buying or selling a home. You want someone who will listen to all your needs and wants.

The distinction between helpful and intrusive is a fine line! Helpful provides insight when needed. Intrusive provides endless insights and smothers the consumer with unnecessary information.

Choose someone who will work hard to promote a property for sale, and pour over listings to find you your perfect home. Choose a Realtor who is passionate in his work and wants you to be satisfied with the home buying or selling process when complete.

Selling a home can be a very emotional experience and buying a home can be very stressful, you need a Realtor with patience and is flexible with the ever changing needs in the selling or buying process.

Make sure you choose a Realtor who is connected throughout the real estate world (Royal LePage). A good Realtor has connections in a range of related fields.